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Contaminates have grown comfortable in your home, living in your carpet free of charge. They are making friends with your children and your pets, like an unwanted house guest, overstaying their welcome, might as well charge them rent. It is time kick them out, let Platinum Panther intervene. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Which is why we offer appointments seven days a week, often times even the same day!

We will begin with a thorough vacuum, in order to remove as much soil and dirt as possible. The more dirt that is removed before the cleaning begins, the better the results. Next, we will apply a pre-spray to the carpet, this is where the magic begins, it starts breaking down all the dirt, grease, and grime. Then, the carpet will be scrubbed accordingly, bringing the contaminates to the surface for easy removal. We offer two cleaning methods VLM (very low moisture) and Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning). 


VLM: Low moisture cleaning offers a shorter drying duration. We will spray a cleaning solution on the carpet, scrub, attach a cotton pad to a circulating machine, and lastly, we will use the machine to pick up all the dirt from the carpet. The pad must be changed during cleaning, to prevent re-soiling the carpet.

HWE: Often referred to as “steam cleaning”. Similar to VLM, we will spray a cleaning solution on the carpet and scrub. Then, we use a machine to inject water and a rinsing solution mixture into the carpet. The machine removes the mixture and hot water out of the carpet, like a vacuum, so that it can dry quickly.

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