Carpet Cleaning

VLM: Low moisture cleaning offers a shorter drying duration. We will spray a cleaning solution on the carpet, scrub, attach a cotton pad to a circulating machine, and lastly, we will use the machine to pick up all the dirt from the carpet. The pad must be changed during cleaning, to prevent re-soiling the carpet.

HWE: Often referred to as “steam cleaning”. Similar to VLM, we will spray a cleaning solution on the carpet and scrub. Then, we use a machine to inject water and a rinsing solution mixture into the carpet. The machine removes the mixture and hot water out of the carpet, like a vacuum, so that it can dry quickly.

Upholstery Cleaning

We all have something which acts as a transportation vehicle leaving contaminates on our furniture, work clothes, pets, and children. Debris and allergens are nesting in your upholstery! Furniture cleaning is recommended every twelve to twenty-four months. Hot water extraction or a low moisture method will be used to clean and decontaminate your furniture, bringing the quality back to family time!

Hardwood Cleaning

Not a fan of carpet? No Problem! Platinum Panther can still help and provide Pure. Protection. for your hardwood, as well.

Leather Cleaning

Now available!

Dirt buildup, body oil, and daily grime; Platinum Panther can break it down with out leather cleaning service.