Carpet Cleaning

VLM: Low moisture cleaning offers a shorter drying duration. We will spray a cleaning solution on the carpet, scrub, attach a cotton pad to a circulating machine, and lastly, we will use the machine to pick up all the dirt from the carpet. The pad must be changed during cleaning, to prevent re-soiling the carpet.

HWE: Often referred to as “steam cleaning”. Similar to VLM, we will spray a cleaning solution on the carpet and scrub. Then, we use a machine to inject water and a rinsing solution mixture into the carpet. The machine removes the mixture and hot water out of the carpet, like a vacuum, so that it can dry quickly.


Our homes are filled with odors, which is why we recommend a deodorizing treatment. Tired of smelling last years dinner? We eliminate all odor types. Quit covering up the odors lurking around and remove them!


Increase the life expectancy of your carpet cleaning. We can apply a protectant that helps avoid damage from dirt and spills. It also works wonders on those high traffic areas and fights against those dreaded pet stains​.

Pet Stains and Odors

We love them, maybe even can’t live without them, but sometimes they have accidents. These accidents can leave stains and odors in the carpet. Schedule an appointment and we can make the evidence of those accidents disappear, with a special enzyme treatment, for the low cost of $40 per room.

Upholstery Cleaning

We all have something which acts as a transportation vehicle leaving contaminates on our furniture, work clothes, pets, and children. Debris and allergens are nesting in your upholstery! Furniture cleaning is recommended every twelve to twenty-four months. Hot water extraction or a low moisture method will be used to clean and decontaminate your furniture, bringing the quality back to family time!

Hardwood Cleaning

Not a fan of carpet? No Problem! Platinum Panther can still help and provide Pure. Protection. for your hardwood, as well.

Leather Cleaning

Now available!

Dirt buildup, body oil, and daily grime; Platinum Panther can break it down with out leather cleaning service.